Charles Stone's District 2 Priorities​

Charles Stone's District 2 Priorities​

Vibrant, sustainable cities

 “The greatest threat facing our region, including District 2, is devastating climate change — increasing wildfire risks,  drought, and Bay pollution. Join me in the fight to ensure a sustainable future, with reduced traffic and the resources we need to fight the growing climate crisis, for us all.”






Public safety & disaster preparedness

“I’ll protect our disaster preparedness and wildfire prevention programs; protect our clean air; reduce traffic by maintaining County public transit systems; maintain 911 emergency medical response; fight crime; and expand shelter/evacuation spaces for local families for any emergency.”






“I want my daughters Sophia and Sara to be able to have the same experience we all do – of living, working, and raising their families in an amazing Peninsula community with excellent, safe, and secure schools. Future generations and our workforce – including teachers, first responders, and essential workers – must be able to live where they work, which requires expanding affordable housing near transit.”


The US continually ranks low in math among industrialized nations. While Charles’ opponent supported eliminating advanced math in the 6th grade, Charles believes that we need to provide resources for all  young learners to improve and excel at math. That’s why he believes the county needs a Math Big Lift to go along with the current Big Lift reading effort. As your supervisor, Charles will bring together leaders from the education and non profit communities to launch this effort and ensure that every young learner in San Mateo County — those having challenges in math, those performing at grade level, and those moving at a more advanced pace — has access to math tutoring and support programs.

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