Charles Stone's Priorities​

Charles Stone's Priorities​

Vibrant, safe cities

“Our current health emergency and unpredictable weather patterns mean that no community is immune from the effects of COVID, severe heatwaves, or earthquake danger. As your supervisor I will ensure the County expands regional mutual aid, 911 emergency, response, and management of long-term COVID/health issues including timely vaccine shots.”




“As our region recovers from COVID, traffic congestion is still a long-term issue that must be addressed. I’ll continue championing County policies that maintain the stability of the regional public transit systems so necessary to our goal of reducing traffic.”






“I want my daughters Sophia and Sara to be able to have the same experience we all do – of living, working, and raising their families in an amazing Peninsula community with excellent, safe, and secure schools. Future generations and our workforce – including teachers, first responders, and essential workers – must be able to live where they work, which requires expanding affordable housing near transit.”




Equal Access to Core Services

“It is an unfortunate reality that not every family has access to the services and quality of life that many of us enjoy.  As your Supervisor, I’ll expand free and low-cost park/recreation programs and improve healthcare services for our most vulnerable.  We must be vocal and deliberate in achieving our collective commitment to social and economic equity, expanding culturally competent services, and ending divisive hate speech and discriminatory practices.”


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